The Book

This is your classic fish out of water story, or in this case, Oldenburg out of water jump story. I suddenly found myself thrust into the hunter/jumper world because of my girlfriend, attending shows in states I had never been to and watching day-long Pony Conformation classes. Slowly I came to learn about all the nuances of the community and felt it was my duty to try to explain it all.

For all the veterans of the A-circuit, I hope I get your sport and world right enough that you thrust this book into the hands of your friends and loved ones and say "here, this will finally help you understand I don't race horses." I certainly don't expect it to turn them in to Medal finals judges, but they may just refrain from congratulating you after your next 50 hunter round.

And if you have no connection to the hunter/jumper world like I did a short time ago, then jump down the rabbit hole with me and learn all about this crazy world you likely never imagined.

This is where I would put a bunch of blurbs about how awesome the book is, but I didn't really organize them or get permission to everyone's names. Here's just some stuff important people have said, you'll have to take my word for it.

-"Refreshing look at our wacky but wonderful little world" - Georgina Bloomberg

- George Morris said I got everything right and it was well written. I would directly quote him but I momentarily lost consciousness as he told me this.

- "Not only laugh out loud hilarious but it illuminates how truly insane and money oriented the sport can be."

-"Takes a subject that could teeter on the edge of boredom in the hands of a lesser author and made it educational yet funny as hell."

- "Definitely will make my boyfriend read this -- when I finally get one -- if I ever have time to get one after the horses."