Since I didn't put any pictures in the book, here are a few of me at the venues I talk about and specific things I talked about in the book. If you haven't bought it yet you probably won't understand much of this, so, click on the links to the right! If you want to see more pictures and stories from the shows, check out my girlfriend's blog at

That's me, being a Horse Show Boyfriend at PBIEC.

The one and only time I rode a horse, at Salamander in Middleburg. It was more of a pony ride.

Trying on hunt coats in Middleburg Tack Exchange.

Getting a tour of the Rolex course at Kentucky and wondering how in God's name people do it.
A cold day at the hunter ring in Tryon, next to my frequent companion, a wheelbarrow full of manure.
Working hard at the media center at Central Park, I think.
The bathroom at the Polo Club in NYC. Another, "of course I'm a Horse Show Boyfriend" moment.
Studiously painting a stablemate at Breyerfest.
Realizing the joys of the human TheraPlate.
Hanging with some Peeps Foundation minis.

At Horse Show Boyfriend paradise in Miami.